To receive 911 calls and ensure they are transferred to the appropriate responding agencies in disasters; To work with local, County, State and Federal agencies and other volunteer organizations and groups before, during and after disasters; To provide Humanitarian relief providing Shelter, food and water; To help muck out/clean out and rebuild homes and provide any additional assistance to our neighbors.

We are here to provide a 24 hour emergency response team nation wide. We can provide EMS, security details, VIP protection, wildland fire fighters, a 24hr dispatch service, medical flights, boats and crews, doctors, CERT personnel, emergency shelters and so much more. If you are in need of any of these services or any others, please contact us today!

Mission Statement

To receive 911 calls and ensure they are transferred to the appropriate responding agencies in disasters; To work with local, County, State and Federal agencies and other volunteer organizations and groups before, during and after disasters; To provide Humanitarian relief providing Shelter, food and water; To help muck out/clean out and rebuild homes and provide any additional assistance to our neighbors.

Air Search Team (Fixed Wing
Airborne reconnaissance (Fixed wing)
Canine SAR – Avalanche Search and Snow Scent
Canine SAR – Disaster Response
Canine SAR – Land Cadaver Air Scent
Canine SAR – Water Air Scent
Canine SAR – Wilderness Air Scent
Canine SAR – Wilderness Tracking/Trailing
Cave Search and Rescue
Collapse Search and Rescue
Mine and Tunnel Search and Rescue
Mountain Search and Rescue
Radio Direction Finding Team
Swiftwater/Flood Search and Rescue
Underwater SCUBA Diving SAR/R
US&R Incident Support Team
US&R Task Forces
Wilderness Search and Rescue
Emergency Medical Technician (BLS)
Advanced Life Support (ALS/Paramedics)
Registered Nurse
Emergency Managers
Building Inspectors (post disaster)
Building Contractors
Tractor Trailer owners and truckers 

P.E.R.T. members use a variety of ways to raise funds. In addition to using the Internet with PayPal, GoFundMe, and other social media methods of raising money, P.E.R.T. members are active in their communities working security for large events, training people in the community in CPR and First Aid, and working with other organizations and agencies in collaboration. Additionally, P.E.R.T. members raise funds by applying for Grants, matching donation dollars, and other creative ways to raise money.

P.E.R.T. has a large group of volunteers who are highly experienced in following weather patterns using National Weather Service products. Additionally, our Storm spotters go out into the communities, pinpointing areas of concern – flooded out road conditions, damaged roads and bridges, and areas made impassable by large debris. Since P.E.R.T. is a national organization, we are mindful that different areas of the United States encounter different types of disasters at different times of the year. We are able to follow all weather conditions including wildland and forest areas relying on the National Forestry Service for information on topography, potential for forest and wild fires, and threats to the public.
Weather News also provides information about heat and cold conditions that affect our Nation’s animals – our pets, service animals, livestock, and fowl. Any changes in weather potentially impacts our Nation’s food supply. Having experienced volunteers who know how to accurately interpret weather helps P.E.R.T. volunteers prepare animal owners well in advance of an event – saving animal lives. 

P.E.R.T. organization strives to showcase all the different volunteer activities we do. At times, we are interviewed by news media face-to-face. At other times, P.E.R.T., Inc. is recognized for the work they do in social media, and in online news media. Come take a look at some of the postings we’ve received from other Groups, agencies, and news media for various work we’ve done.


Here is a little history about our staff
James Sache

James Sache

Owner, James Sache spent most of his life as a First Responder. Growing up in North Carolina, James spent his teen years responding to fires and emergencies as a volunteer firefighter.

He has received extensive training and experience in FEMA, Red Cross, disaster rescue and relief, incident command systems, volunteer training and leadership, logistics, mitigation, disaster recovery, hazardous materials, and emergency medical services.

James moved to Florida, where he continued his work in as a volunteer firefighter. In 1999, he sustained a traumatic spinal injury while working construction on an elevator shaft. After the accident, James knew that he wasn't going to be able to respond and volunteer like he had been.

And then, "one year after my accident, I woke up one morning with memories of a dream. I dreamt that I could still help people, just in a different way. That’s how the Patriot Emergency Response Team, Inc. (P.E.R.T.,Inc.) began. 12 years ago. I built this foundation based on a vision of helping people, and second chances – just like I was given a second chance at life.” 

Andrea Walter

Lead Dispatcher - “If not us, who? If not now, when? – Hillel the Elder (110 B.C. – 10 A.D.) Being a volunteer is extremely fulfilling and warms my heart working as part of a Team assisting humans and animals during times of need. Utilizing 20 years of dispatch experience, I enjoy working alongside caring, like-minded humanitarian individuals. I believe that together, we can lead by example; making this world a better place for future generations.”

Iris Sache

“I was never a First Responder until I met my husband James. When James became disabled, he felt incomplete. A large part of his life had been given to others as a First Responder. When James told me about his dream, I agreed that starting a foundation was an excellent idea. I began to attend classes with James. We responded to disasters, and helped people in need. There were so many people who lost everything, and needed help. I couldn’t turn away. I had to help too. I found it was extremely rewarding. Then, I was diagnosed with double hit non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, an extremely rare, aggressive form of cancer. Our PERT family helped me to fight this cancer, giving me a second chance at life.”

James Sache

Lee White

Instructor/CAD IT, Co-owner of Patriot Emergency Response Team, Inc. and Owner of Beacon CAD Systems, LLC. Lee retired from the US Coast Guard, and has retained positions as an Incident Commander and Planning Section Chief, at NFTCA Inc. Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the military industry. Skilled in Crisis Management, Intelligence Analysis, Government, Crisis Communications, and Law Enforcement. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Hazmat Specialists focused in Hazmat and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Certified in National Firefighter Training and Carding Association, and Advanced Locksmith. Lee spoke with James, and saw the vision and global potential of activating citizens to help each other. Lee also realized that in order to maintain order and accountability, Patriot Emergency Response Team, Inc. Responders needed a Computer Aided Dispatch system that could track responder movements (in case someone was swept overboard during a rescue, or found a missing person in a Search and Rescue/Recovery. Using Beacon’s proprietary hardware and software, it’s possible for multiple agencies to work together or independently, and if a disaster worsens, all agencies can be connected to the same information at the click of a button. Lee is passionate about following Incident Command System based on his training with the US Coast Guard, and has been able to lead successful searches, trainings, and demonstrations to Lieutenant Governors (Louisiana), US Army National Guard, and Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA stresses redundancy in infrastructure operations, and Beacon CAD Services’ CAD helped save hundreds of people trapped on roofs in New Bern and Lumberton, NC during Hurricane Florence, and saved people trapped in homes where their roofs collapsed. The CAD is also a powerful tool for Emergency Managers, who are able to track calls and jobs, and evaluate the importance of Beacon CAD Service’s CAD and PERT’s dispatching services.

Interim CEO

Tim Kelly

National Operations Section Chief