P.E.R.T. Dispatch Center and Public Call Request, and Access Requests - Click Here

We provide a 24-hr Dispatching center that is world wide and that utilzes a Computer Aided Dispatch System. This aids in getting calls out in a timley manner and adding safety for all units and personel in the field.  This also aids the public and other agencies in getting and receiving Timley and Accurate up to date information.  For members, click here to access CAD and Login.  For members not assigned to a unit but have CAD access for SAR, Click here to access CAD.

We keep a record of every PERT member's training and certifications as well as an asset database.  ADMIN, Click Here to Access the Member Database and Training System.

For outside agencies who would like to request a call for service, Click Here and Login With Your Access.  
(If your agency does nt have Login Credentials yet and would like them, Please Click Here and Fill Out a Request for access.  Thank you.)

For General public who wishes to request a call for service, (ie.. a Welfare checks for loved ones in the impacted areas, aid assistenance, or Search and Rescue inside a impacted area) Please Click Here:

For major incidents like Hurricane Maria or Irma, Please Click Here to Request Private Access.  This will allow you to get pertant information on loved ones without making their personal information public.  Only you and the dispatcher that receives your call request will be abe to see the information.  We pride our selves on Patient/Client privacy and will accept no less.


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