P.E.R.T.'s Zello Channels

Please refer to the table below for Patriot Emergency Response Team's Zello Channels. The second table is for any Special Event Channels that may be of interest or use. We also offer Local VHF/UHF/ 700 - 8oo Mhz radio monitoring as well as Amateur Radio and DMR abilities.

*** Note - Click on Channel Name to be taken to the Channel Link.***

Community Guidelines                     Moderator Guidelines

1P.E.R.T. National Dispatch NoPrimary National Dispatch Channel
2P.E.R.T. LogisticsYesLogistical Activities
3P.E.R.T. Board of DirectorsYesBoard Members Only
4P.E.R.T. StagingNoStagging Areas
5P.E.R.T. SheltersNoCoordinating with Emergency
6P.E.R.T. SecurityYesSecurity Opertions
7P.E.R.T. INTELYesIntel for the state of Florida
8P.E.R.T. Incident CommandYesP.E.R.T. Incident Command Staff
9P.E.R.T. Alpha TeamYesAlpha Team Members
10P.E.R.T. Commander's & OfficersYesAdmin and Supervisors Only
11P.E.R.T. Florida Boats TAC- 1YesOperations
12P.E.R.T. Dispatch Training ChannelYesDispatch Training Only
13P.E.R.T. Florida Search & RescueNoSAR Members on the Ground
14P.E.R.T. DRAMA ROOMNoGeneral Chat Room
15P.E.R.T. Texas OperationsNoOprtations in Texas
16P.E.R.T Florida Boats TAC - 10YesOperations
17P.E.R.T Florida Boats TAC - 11YesOperations
18P.E.R.T Florida Boats TAC - 5YesOperations
19P.E.R.T Florida Boats TAC - 12YesOperations
20P.E.R.T Florida Boats TAC - 4YesOperations
21P.E.R.T Florida Boats TAC - 7YesOperations
22P.E.R.T Florida Boats TAC - 8YesOperations
23P.E.R.T. Florida Boats TAC - 3 YesOperations
24P.E.R.T. Florida Boats TAC - 9YesOperations
26P.E.R.T. Florida OperationsYesSecured Operations
27P.E.R.T. National DispatchNoNational Dispatch Public link
28P.E.R.T. Florida DispatchYesAdmin Channel
29P.E.R.T. Florida Boats TAC - 2YesOperations
30P.E.R.T. National Logistics YesNational Logistical Activities
31Florida E.R.T.NoOpen Operations